Michelle goes to Iceland

A story of spontaneous discovery


7:06 AM

Michelle lands in Reykjavik and immediately opens Yeti to find a quality breakfast joint

Yeti Cafes in Reykjavik
Tiu Dropar
Cafes in Reykjavik

7:49 AM

Michelle settles on
a suggestion to try
eating at Tiu Dropar

8:31 AM

Michelle hops in a car with friends for a spontaneous road trip and opens Yeti to see what's around

Yeti Sites in Iceland
Outdoors in Iceland

11:32 AM

Michelle & friends stop at
a favorite local pit-stop
she finds on Yeti

Thingvellir Lake

1:27 PM

And continues to the next
recommended nature spot
with rave local reviews

1:44 PM

But the lake was too cold to swim in so Michelle decided to open Yeti and see what else they could do

Yeti Surprise Me in Iceland
Blue Lagoon
Nightlife in Reykjavik

4:11 PM

Yeti pointed them to try
Blue Lagoon, an amazing hot spring

Lebowski Bar

7:19 PM

...and later ended the night with White Russians and incredible memories

Michelle discovered all this and more

What will you find with Yeti?

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